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Journey through a Landscape

Following my commission funded by Great Place Lakes and Dales, I was invited to exhibit my work at Brewery Arts in Kendal. The group exhibition 'Nurturing Creativity X Folded Zine' is a group exhibition of work created by artists living and working in the Lakes & Dales.

At the beginning of July I transported my framed artwork, sketchbooks and concertina paintings to Kendal for the exhibition installation. Throughout my six walks, I filled a sketchbook with drawings, paintings, maps, photographs and ideas. I developed these into four large paintings using watercolour inks and gouache. I also created two charcoal drawings of Devil's bridge and Janet's Foss Waterfall. I was especially pleased to be able to display my sketchbook and show the development stage of my paintings.
The other work on display included a project from Isobel Mortimer with music, found sound and community voices celebrating and investigating the diverse ways in which people use and relate to Lake Windermere. Another artist, Jess Aughton, has created illustrations using fine lines, drawing inspiration from the people she meets. There is also dance, poetry and installation art inspired by life in the lakes and dales.

I was excited to be invited to the Preview opening and I attended a workshop with the other artists and local arts organisations to discuss the barriers which young creatives can face.

The exhibition opened on 14th July and will run until 3rd September 2022.


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