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Artist Profile

​Based in the north of England, I draw inspiration from nature. I love to walk, wild swim and fill sketchbooks with my adventures. Observing the natural world as I immerse myself in the waters, hills and forests has led to a deeper understanding of the challenges and threats faced by our natural world and the impact that humans have on these delicate ecosystems. This drives my creative work to inspire people to explore their local landscapes and care for the world around us. As a freelance curator, consultant and cultural practitioner, my background in museums and heritage motivates my desire to use what we know about the past to influence our future.

2022: Every leaf speaks bliss to me, Skipton
2022: Nurturing Creativity X Folded Zine, Kendal
2019: Tales of the Iconic, Hebden Bridge
2013: Insight, Blackburn
Commissions & Workshops
2023: Creative Wellbeing workshops, Rochdale Mind

2023: Mosaic for Wellbeing, Rochdale

2022: Nurturing Creatives Great Place Lakes & Dales micro-commission
2022: Rural Arts workshops, Craven
2020: The Moving Museum workshops, Skipton
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