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Inspiring Walks- Bronte Country

Towards the end of summer, I ventured back to Haworth Moor and for the first time experienced the mesmerising beds of purple heather. I’ve always managed to miss the heather in my previous walks through Bronte Country, but wow- was it worth the wait.
During a small period of time each year, the moors around Haworth erupt into a dazzling purple haze, full of texture and colour. You can follow an easy route by walking through the graveyard at St Michael and All Angels' Church heading left until you come to a walled in track heading up to the moors. The church houses the Bronte family tomb and the Bronte sister’s father Patrick Bronte served there as minister. Crossing the main road and continuing along the clear path heading towards Lower Laithe Reservoir brings you to a wider path parallel to the reservoir and following this path you will eventually reach Bronte Waterfall after around 45 minutes of walking. After crossing the stream, turn left and keep following the trail, eventually crossing the stream and Top Withens should soon be in sight.
At Top Withens are the isolated remains of a farmhouse which is said to have provided inspiration for Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. Even though the building doesn’t resemble the Earnshaw house described by Emily, it could definitely have provided inspiration for the setting of Wuthering Heights, being surrounded by wild and windy moorland. I made some quick sketches in a handmade concertina sketchbook up on the moor, capturing the vibrant colours and rough textures of the ground. I later painted a view of a reservoir from Haworth Moor covered in heather using gouache and ink.


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