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Inspiring Walks: Attermire Scar & Catrigg Force

Best creative stops:
  • Sugar Loaf Hill- not just a delightfully named hill, but also magnificent views of Attermire scar

  • Above Langcliffe

  • Catrigg Force

A rewarding circular walk from Settle, taking in the caves, a dip in Catrigg Force and peaceful stroll back along the River Ribble.
I attempted this walk the week before, but within minutes of stepping off the train I was drenched with rain, the forecast fooling us once more. The next week, however, weather was incredible and I set off once again. Heading out of Settle up Mitchell Lane following the Pennine Bridleway until I joined the road, I took a short detour over to Scalaber Force. This is a beautiful and isolated spot, and on my many visits, I have never encountered another soul. Being so well shaded by the trees makes this place seem permanently chilly, so I didn't stay long enough to paint. Back along the road and on to the bridleway again, this route quickly emerges at the crags of Attermire Scar.
The limestone scars and and scree slopes hide a series of caves where prehistoric remains have been found over the years. I passed Victoria Cave but turned before reaching Jubilee Cave, to head towards Langcliffe. The views are at this spot are incredible. A meander across Winskill Stones before emerging at the top of Catrigg force, a powerful waterfall cascading down into a magical glen below. Without a soul in sight, I took advantage of this moment of isolation and peace and immersed myself in the shallow pool. My moment of contemplation was undisturbed and as I walked down to Stainforth basking in the sun, I had the biggest smile on my face, proud of how far I've come. Walking back along the River Ribble I spent a short while sketching at Eel Pool, another familiar swim spot, before looping back into Settle and a quick brew in the naked Man cafe, of course.


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