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Thanks for taking the time to explore my work. My name is Gemma and I’m a visual artist based in Yorkshire. Originally from Lancashire, I studied Fine Art and during my degree years I specialised in large oil paintings inspired by the thought-provoking work of war artists such as Dame Laura Knight, Stanley Spencer and Paul Nash. I created these large scale paintings using photographs and memories from friends and relatives who experienced past conflicts. I chose to memorialise those lost to war through my first body of work exhibited at the University Centre at Blackburn College.

After completing my degree I worked many day jobs in finance, the NHS and even trained as a baker! I returned to study for my Masters degree in Art Gallery and Museum Studies at the University of Manchester. This led to me working for various museums in the north of England, including Bradford Museums & Galleries, Thackray Museum of Medicine and Craven Museum in Skipton. During this time I continued to develop my own artwork and led creative community workshops for those living with dementia, those affected by mental health issues and rural communities.

During the 2020 lockdown I rediscovered my passion for creating art inspired by the outdoors. I used my spare time to explore my local area, documenting my walks through sketchbooks and developing this work into larger mixed media landscapes. I look forward to sharing my adventures and artwork with you through this blog!



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